Why the Kardashians and their team are marketing geniuses

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While at first glance it may appear that Kim Kardashian and her family simply fell into their worldwide celebrity status, savvy marketers can see that it is part of a carefully crafted strategy. Brand management is spearheaded by matriarch Kris Jenner, a woman credited with launching the entire family into fame. Love them or hate them, the Kardashian’s are marketing geniuses and you can learn from their success. Apply these strategies to your own digital marketing and prepare to see results. Balmain wardrobe not included – sorry. 

Kim Kardashian book signing

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NYC Kardashian Konfidential Book Signing 11.30.10


They Understand Their Audiences

While all of the Kardashian sisters have some things in common (beautiful looks, finances, and the family bond, for starters) they each appeal to their own, slight unique demographic. Kim Kardashian knows that her personal brand appeals the common reality TV-watchers of the world – the type who subscribe to People magazine and love celebrity gossip. She delivers money, glamour, and sexually driven content, exposing them to the slightly illicit and exciting world they crave. 

While less famous than Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian command their own audiences. Kourtney displays her motherhood and love for her children to attract other moms, while Khloe has appealed to the masses with her weight loss journey and sarcastic tone. Even mom Kris Jenner has a #GirlBoss and #Momager following! 

Younger sisters Kendall and Kylie once were in the background of the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but have since been catapulted to worldwide fame of their own. Modeling, acting, makeup lines, and plenty of product endorsements are geared towards portraying them as the new generation of It girls. 


They Are Everywhere

If it seems like you see or hear about a Kardashian at every turn, you are not just imagining it. The Kardashian family has saturated the world with marketing in every form. They can constantly be seen on television, social media, giant billboards, magazine covers, in-store signage, and more. Through executing projects of their own, as well as modelling and product endorsements, it is hard to leave the house without seeing a Kardashian.

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On social media, the Kardashian’s post about themselves frequently. They are active on most major platforms, with each post garnering plenty of attention. While you might not have access to the same high profile marketing options, social media allows you to create your own space for brand development. People can’t fall in love with your brand if they are not familiar with it, after all. 

Kim Kardashian Fragrance Launch at Macy's Glendale Galleria, Glendale, CA


They Are Relatable

The Kardashian family uses a consumer-driven marketing strategy by developing a huge social media presence. They know that their followers want to know what they wear, what they eat, where they go, and every other detail about their lives. They connect with their fans on a personal level by delivering all these details and divulging family drama, relationships, and other events along the way. 

Of all their marketing efforts, it seems their E! Network show did the most for making the Kardashians into household names. This show provided a sneak peek into their lives, and ultimately made the world love or love-to-hate the family. Their tactic of constantly over-sharing has made the family feel transparent. When superstars can make you feel like you know them personally, it is a skill to be admired.


But They Are Also Aspirational

Who would not want the Kardashian’s wardrobes, cars, and well…lives? The Kardashian’s never shy away from the limelight, taking every opportunity to be photographed in the finest designer clothing or scandalous situations. By creating a lifestyle that many people aspire to, the family has positioned themselves to add to their fortune via product endorsements. Since nearly any product they touch skyrockets in popularity, brands will pay big money to have a Kardashian tell their fans what can help them look/dress/eat like them. 


With music moguls, professional athletes, fellow celebrities, and other superstars rounding out their squad, the Kardashians have perfected the celebrity status so many people desire. Their message is “We are just like you…but maybe a little richer, more attractive, or glamorous.” This tactic repulses some people, but has also garnered them millions of die-hard fans that want to emulate their lifestyle. 

The Kardashians have conquered the marketing world, and it is safe to say they will be around for at least a while longer. While they share their personal lives with their audience, they are each a brand of their own – and they act like it. Consistently marketing themselves, while maintaining this delicate balance, is what makes the Kardashians marketing geniuses.

The Kardashian family members are experts are creating intrigue and leveraging scandals to add to their popularity. Family drama, disastrous relationships, and unfortunate marriages propelled them towards their billion dollar empire. While some of their tactics are best left out of any reputable marketing plan, you can tailor their approach to relate to your own audience. You need to work with the belief that you can not only replicate their success but can excel their success. Use their strategies and success as a framework for yourself and the possibilities are endless. Just make sure you be yourself and get the right people around you that have the common goal.

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