Why go to work when you can earn from your sofa at home?

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Are you considering swapping long-days at the office for a work-from-home lifestyle? If you’re a social media influencer, working from the sofa (or bed!), could be a great option for you, and Social Wage is here to help you maximise your profits every time you post! But why should you start being social from the sofa? Well, as Fifth Harmony say, “you don’t gotta go to work!” Be your own boss!



  1. Early to bed, early to rise…

Whether you like to rise at the crack of dawn, or you’re more of a night owl, working from home gives you the flexibility to work at whatever time of day you are most productive. Additionally, you can tailor your schedule to ensure that you can always attend all of your important events, from business meetings to family dinners.



  1. Cut the Commutecommuting

Working from home means that you can swap your commute for a short walk to your study, sofa, or wherever you work best. This saves not only time (potentially several hours, depending on how long your commute is), allowing you to fit more into your working day, but also saves money that previously would have been spent on petrol or public transport. Also, you’ll be free of the stress of traffic jams and cancelled trains.


  1. Splash thepalm trees Cash

Another financial benefit of working from home is that you cut the cost of buying or renting expensive inner-city office space. That’s more money that you can invest into your business (or spend on a holiday…!)





  1. Stay Connected

In a world that is increasingly technological, it is no longer necessary to be in the same building as your co-workers. Tools like Skype and GoToMeeting mean that you are only a click away from sharing ideas with colleagues… it’s probably faster than walking to their office was!



  1. Adios to Ailments

Everyone gets ill sometimes, but the prospect of working from bed with tissues and lemsip on hand is far less daunting than having to trek into work with a cold. This way, you don’t have to stop working just because your body wants you to.



Overall, there are a lot of benefits to working from home, this post has highlighted just a few of them. If you are a social media influence who already works from home, or are considering doing so, go to SocialWage.com today and find out how advertising to your followers could earn you some extra cash.


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