Why Fitness Trainers need to be on Instagram!

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The 2010’s have seen the emergence of some weird and wonderful health and fitnesJuice cleansings trends, including juice cleanses and the 5:2 diet. But one of the latest crazes in our increasingly health-conscious society is the rise of Instagram fitness trainers. Many have celebrity backing– Nicole Winhoffer takes the credit for Madonna’s figure – and a handful have developed an enormous online following – Kayla Itsines has an insane 4.9 million followers on Instagram. In addition the The Hodge Twins have taken social media by storm with their humorous approach to helping motivate people – but why is it so essential that ultra-fit humans like yourself feature on Instagram and what type of content should you be posting?

What’s for dinner?

A key factor in staying healthy is of course, a healthy diet. High-profile fitness trainers frequently post their breakfast, lunch and dinner on their Instagram accounts to inspire their followers to create nutritious yet exciting and innovative dishes. The captions of these posts often describe the exact ingredients or provide a link to the recipe. Followers love to know what the trainers they follow are eating as they aspire to be like them.

Kayla Itsines pumpkin and chickpea fritters

Moving on up…

Another hugely influential factor on your health is the amount and type of exercise you Curtis Williams in gymdo of course, and one of the primary tasks of a fitness trainer is to teach your clients and followers how to work-out effectively. While a DVD of the popular workout regime “Insanity” will set you back around £14.95 on Amazon, tapping “follow” on an Instagram account (such as that of Curtis Williams, a former NFL athlete) costs nothing and will give you allow you to quickly provide video tutorials for both specific exercises as well as condensed versions of full work-out regimes.

Don’t quit!

As well as presenting your followers a mixture of healthy dishes and fat-shredding exercises, fitness trainers should offer some well-needed fitness motivation. Kayla Itsines posts regular “before and after” shots of her success stories, alongside inspirational quotes encouraging her followers to keep working until they achieve their goals.kayla2Kayla Itsines before and after

Overall, the presence of fitness trainers on Instagram today – in an ever more technological society – is essential. Posting a powerful combination of mealtime inspiration, exercise plans, motivational photos and quotes on your Instagram allows you to reach the largest, most active audience and ultimately increase your following as well as your potential clients.

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