What is a social media influencer?

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You, the social media influencers, are some of the most important people in the world right now. With your trendsetting ways and mass Internet following, your influence over members of the public is huge – and the top brands know it.

But what makes an ordinary person into an influencer? What gives these people the power to influence the decisions of thousands, or even millions of people worldwide? Read on to find out!


1. A certain kind of confidence

From the lifestyle bloggers to the beauty bloggers to the fitstagrammers or model-grammers, today’s influencers all share one vital secret ingredient: a belief in themselves – and their ability to spot an up-coming trend.

Social media influencers are the trendsetters and innovators who can detect The Next Big Thing, and propel it into the mainstream.

In doing so, they display a certain fearlessness as pioneers in various forms of popular culture, and become known as the people to watch…



2. A voice with a platform

With that trendsetting attitude comes a following.

When you’re always first on the bandwagon with addictive TV series, and you’re constantly seen sporting the coolest brands, people start to take notice.

Every social media following has to start at the bottom, but the top accounts will grow ridiculously fast, with thousands flocking to your page to hear from you. After all, social media is all about the present, and things happen quickly on networking platforms.

One key example? Kylie Jenner, the baby of the Kardashian family, only started posting regular Snapchat updates last year, but she was recently crowned in the top two most viewed Snapchatters of all time alongside DJ Khaled. Not a bad title – and it was won in a short space of time!



3. An influence over consumers

When a social media user starts to reach those levels of success, the final piece of the puzzle slots into space. The trendsetters with a following have a huge influence over members of the public, and their purchasing decisions.

Why? Because followers listen to their favourite social media users. They trust their opinions, follow their recommendations, and tune in to just about every trend the influencer casts a spotlight on.



In basic terms, a social media influencer is simply an innovative personality with thousands or millions of followers that hold a strong bearing on the minds of the public.

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