Twitter bought Tweetdeck for $40 million, buy why?

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What is Tweetdeck?

TweetDeck is described as “The most powerful Twitter tool for real-time tracking, organizing and engagement.” The tool was recently purchased by Twitter for $40 million, and people who manage large or multiple accounts understand why.

Influencers and people with multiple Twitter accounts or those with a growing following often have trouble simply keeping up with their follower interactions. As many accounts fall under the management of Twitter superstars, with spin-off brands and social media managers involved in complicated management tasks, the Twitter platform alone simply will not be effective enough for account maintenance and growth. 


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Why TweetDeck is Great for Influencers

  • TweetDeck has a great dashboard with a one-click access to replies, direct messages and re-Tweets. Simple, easy, and necessary as you handle more and more interactions.
  • You can configure your TweetDeck into specific groups, each of which will filter a certain part of the Twitterstream (per your personalized settings). This makes it a lot easier to follow your friends or favorite Twitter users and screen out all the extra stuff that might accumulate in your stream.
  • It is great for scheduling posts. You can schedule posts for the whole upcoming week on your Monday morning, if you like.


  • If you are working in another program, TweetDeck will run in the background and notify you when you have new Tweets. This feature is great for multitasking and making the most of your time on social media!
  • TweetDeck comes with a built-in link shortening tool (like,,, and similar services). You can skip the hassle of creating a separate link and get right back to creating great content with this shortcut.
  • TweetDeck can be resized to your whatever your exact specifications may be, from a single column to a complicated full-screen multideck (and everything in between).
  • The tool includes built-in translation software to assist global brands and blogs in communicating with their international following.
  • TweetDeck updates continuously while open. No more refreshing the page like you have to do with! Bonus: If you leave the software open overnight, it will store all updates.
  • You can share a TweetDeck account with your team, without sharing your password. You also maintain full control over permissions at all times, making it both convenient and safe for team-managed accounts.


Influencer models use Tweetdeck


With all these benefits, it is no wonder Twitter forked over a hefty sum to acquire the tool. TweetDeck allows influencers to create a custom Twitter experience, stay organized, find exactly what you’re looking for, engage with your audience, collaborate with a team, and more.  

Every influencer knows that getting help with social media tasks only saves you time and puts you ahead of the competition. Most experts agree that having 300+ followers on Twitter can turn into a bit of a nightmare to manage, but many popular Twitter users manage tens of thousands of followers successfully by using TweetDeck. 

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