Top Ten Most Popular Celebs on Twitter

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So who’s perfected the tweet and who’s just so famous, a one word tweet could get the world talking? Here are the top ten most popular celebs on twitter.



10. @KimKardashian – Known for her revealing photos, Mrs. West hides  nothing on her twitter account; a hack that’s certainly helped her to attract over 44m followers.

Kim Kardashian Instagram Post

  1. @BritneySpears – Britney’s 45m followers on twitter have been undeterred by her antics over the years, including shaving her head and beating a car with an umbrella in 2007 (It wasn’t a good year for her).

Britney spears Twitter cover photo

  1. @JTimberlake – performing since 1993, Timberlake is still around and as big as ever, bringing that sexyback with his 54.4 million twitter followers.

Justin Timberlake Twitter

  1. @TheEllenShow – Ellen DeGeneres: generous, witty and one of our most loved chat show hosts. As well as having 58.5m followers, Ellen holds the record for the most retweeted tweet in history: a selfie at the 2014 Oscars with the caption ‘If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever #oscars.’ Starring Hollywood actors Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pit, Meryl Streep and Julie Roberts, no wonder the selfie reached a record of over a million retweets.


  1. Lady Gaga performance in meat dress@LadyGaga – Queen of the weird and wonderful, Gaga has 58.6m followers – likely none of those being vegetarian after the infamous meat dress incident and similar dead animal related fashion choices (see right).


  1. @Rihanna – With 59. 6m followers, Rhi Rhi has certainly been at work work work work on her Twitter account. Promoting her new album Anti, Rhi Rhi’s current tweets feature links to her ‘explicit’ new music videos (since when did dice become so sexual?).

rihanna tw

  1. @BarackObama – With 70.9 followers, Obama ranks fourth in the list, keeping the world up to date on his political agenda on his Twitter account. His most famous tweet was when he was re-elected for a second term of presidency – what did it read? ‘Four more years.’ Simple, memorable and quietly celebratory. Obama is just too cool for exclamation marks.

Barak Obama and his Twitter

  1. @TaylorSwift13 – ranking higher than her own president, Swift is a Twitter favourite with 76m followers. Popularising the hashtags #squad and #squadgoals, Swift shows her talents as an artist as well as a social media influencer.

Taylor Swift Twitter profile


  1. @JustinBieber – Due to the success of his new album Purchase, everyone is now proud to call themselves a Belieber: we are nodding our heads yes, but we want to say no. The result? His Twitter profile has reached 80.2m followers.

Justin Bieber album cover

  1. @KatyPerry – Katy Perry has dominated the music industry since her rise to fame in 2008 and clearly dominates twitter with her 87. 4 million followers. Despite her own fame, Katy’s most retweeted tweets are those complementing other artists, including Sia, Bieber, Demi Lovato and One Direction. What a good sport!

Katy Perry Twitter profile

So that’s who the most popular celebs on Twitter are. Don’t hold us responsible if the list has changed since we posted this, Social Wage.

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