The worst and most ineffective social media content you can use! 

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There are a lot of things to consider when crafting your social media posts, from your tone, to imagery, to which networks you should be posting on. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the all the factors to consider, which sometimes leads to influencers (even great ones!) making mistakes. Some types of content can do serious damage to your brand. Whether you’re just starting out with your social media content or want to ensure you are using the best practices to engage your growing audience, there is always more to learn. Read on to find the worst blunders and most ineffective social media strategic content used so you can avoid making these same mistakes.


The Hashtag Fail

We get it – coming up with your own perfect hashtag is hard. After all that brainstorming, you might forget to troubleshoot your hashtag choice. Even big brands do it – frequently! There are two main types of hashtag fails: hashtags that say something you didn’t intend for, and hashtags that open up a difficult conversation. Here’s a recent example of how something innocent – like announcing a location – can be read differently than what you had hoped for.


There are also plenty of examples of brands that just shouldn’t have invited the mockery that Twitter can dish out. Case in point: #McDStories. When McDonald’s debuted this hashtag campaign, their team was probably hoping that the hashtag would inspire nice, nostalgic stories about Happy Meals. Instead, it attracted some hilarious McDonald’s horror stories. 

The Horrible Graphic

If you’re going to add text or other embellishments to your social media images, the product needs to be visually appealing and consistent with your brand. Low-quality imagery is hard to forget and can tarnish your reputation on social media. Take some time to watch Photoshop tutorials, learn Canva, or enlist in the help of a graphic designer. There are plenty of tools to help you create beautiful images.

Low quality image


The Post You Forgot to proof-read

Out of all the worst types of social media content you could use, this one is perhaps the most common. Get in the habit of doing a quick proofread on anything you send out. Yes it’s simple but often forgotten.


The Misguided Response

When a serious issue comes up in current events or a major disaster takes place, nothing will turn readers off faster than you making it all about YOU. Don’t express condolences for victims in the same breath that you use to plug your new blog post. And definitely don’t use a crisis to get retweets, like Bing did: 



The Meltdown

While it’s important to show your personality on your social media networks, there’s such a thing as showing too much personality.  Your audience does not need to know every detail of your doctor’s appointment, breakup, or horrible job. If you’re feeling emotional, step away from the social media and remind yourself that being an influencer means rewarding your audience with your best content. Call your best friend or mom instead!


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