The NEW best way for fitness trainers to earn off social media!

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As a popular fitness trainer on social media, you will already know that social media has been VITAL to your own success.

We live in a world obsessed by social networking, and people staring at their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts constantly. So what’s wrong with people staring at you? – Nothing.

But when it comes to being a fitness trainer on social media, that’s just the beginning. Your pages aren’t only useful for bringing in clients – they’re money-making opportunities in themselves.

Has that caught your attention? To find out how to maximise your earning potential and boost your career, read on!


1. Get paid for your posts!

So you’ve established your reputation on social media as a top fitness trainer and people are taking notice. You’ve probably already had brands approach you.

As a trainer with a large following of health-conscious clients, you’re valuable to brands that are promoting health and fitness products. Your followers are their target market, and you, the social influencer, act as the vital link between their brand and consumer. Brands want you on their side, championing their products – and they’re willing to pay big bucks for the promotion. Perhaps you’re looking for new brands to get paid by? If so is for you. At Social Wage we work hard to provide social influencers with paid tasks endorsing global fitness brands.

Hundreds of fitness trainers are now working with brands on a regular basis, and whether it’s a start-up business or an international brand, they’re reaping the financial rewards.

Joe Wicks – a former personal trainer turned nutrition expert, known online as The Body Coach – is a prime example of an influencer who benefits from this additional revenue stream. The Body Coach is affiliated with both the up-and-coming organic coconut oil brand, Lucy Bee, and Uncle Ben’s internationally best selling products.

Without a doubt, those links are giving Wicks’ career a welcome boost, transforming The Body Coach into one of the UK’s most successful health and fitness experts. 





2. Organic is always the answer!


But wait: before you crack on with sponsored posts, you need to consider how this career move will affect your social media page – and your reputation as a fitness trainer.

With your super-healthy lifestyle, you’ll already understand the importance of keeping things organic – and the same rule applies to any sponsored posts you publish.

Even when you collaborate on a post with a brand, it appear on YOUR page and is associated with YOU. That means sponsored posts should continue to fit your page’s style, and your ethos as a fitness trainer. Consider every collaboration carefully – after all, will a paid endorsement for a Big Mac be worth the money when it jeopardises your reputation as a fitness trainer?

Practice what you preach and keep your posts 100% natural – just like the healthy diet you promote. 

This is where your influencer advertising agency comes in. Social Wage will always work with you, to ensure that sponsored content fits your page, and to guarantee you are happy with every single post you publish.


3. The sky’s the limit!

Once you start broadening your horizons through your work with brands, the additional revenue is only the beginning. Brand collaborations will continue to promote your service as a fitness trainer to people all over the world, and will lead to endless opportunities. 

You may be recruited by a blog or magazine to share your tips with new audiences. Superstar Fitstagrammer Kayla Itsines has even written a number of eBooks, offering advice on how to get your perfect ‘bikini body’.

 And when you forge links with brands, you never quite know where the partnership will take you. Personal trainer Faya Nilsson founded her blog, Fitness on Toast, in 2013, to share her tips on a healthy lifestyle. Fast forward to 2016, and she’s been made an ambassador for global skincare brand Garnier. Not bad for just three years of brand collaboration!


Once you establish yourself on social media, the world is most definitely your oyster. Working with brands through Social Wage can lead to promotion, revenue and amazing opportunities – it’s fair to say, for fitness trainers on social media, the only way is up!


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