How micro influencers made a nightclub launch a SELLOUT

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Student Micro influencers

At Social Wage, we work with top student micro influencers on social media, to create a buzz around things. We pay students and influencers to post about brands so they can reap the benefits.

In October 2016 came one of our biggest challenges yet. We took on the task of promoting Pom Pom nightclub’s launch, and transforming the Nottingham nightlife scene.

It’s safe to say our campaign was a HUGE success. Read on to find out how our team of student micro influencers made the night a sellout!


The Brief from Pom Pom

Pom Pom’s launch night was set for 1st October 2016, and the owners were keen for the night to be unforgettable.

The launch needed promoting – and not just any kind of promoting. The club’s launch night was aimed at a particular demographic: 18-21 year-olds living in Nottingham. So, Pom Pom decided to use a fresh and modern form of promoting – using social media to broadcast their ads.

student micro influencers at uni

As a social influencer advertising agency, this is where we came in…


The Game Plan

Social Wage/PMYB took on the campaign with a targeted approach.

We recruited student micro influencers to promote the launch night on social media. Our chosen influencers were popular Nottingham students with active social media accounts. As micro influencers have thousands of followers, they are able to reach and influencer a large volume of people, many of them being friends in the area. That meant their posts would reach large scores of young people in Nottingham – which just happened to be Pom Pom’s target market.

student micro influencers on phone

We successfully recruited 47 of the most popular Nottingham students as social influencers. Combined, they posted over 100 social media posts about Pom Pom – over four different social media platforms.

We all know how social media works. These days, it’s the quickest way to spread the word and make an idea go viral. The Pom Pom campaign was no exception. With so many student influencers on the case, word about the nightclub’s launch spread quickly. Before long, everyone was talking about it.

But how does a social media buzz translate into real life? Well, we’ll let the ticket sales do the talking…

student micro influencers at nightclub

A sellout club night with student micro influencers!

When 1st October rolled around, the launch night was an incredible success! HUNDREDS of Nottingham students turned up at the club, including 30 of our original student micro influencers. The night was seen as an unmissable event for the Nottingham nightlife scene, and was a total sellout!

We think the campaign’s results speak for themselves. The launch was a great success – largely due to the work of our student influencers.

The campaign proved the impact of social media and the power of micro influencers in student communities.

Interested in what we do? To find out more about how we use micro influencers in our campaigns, get in touch here. If you’re a student or have a large following that you would like to earn money off then sign up here.

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