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Student graduates – We know you’re probably struggling your way through a library all-nighter right now, but listen up. You don’t want to miss this. We at, offer great opportunities for students and grads to earn by posting photos or videos on their social media channels.

 Student graduates - Nicole Vieira


Get paid to post at Social Wage!

Social Wage is always looking for university students and former student graduates to take part in our social media advertising campaigns.

Social Wage is a social media influencer advertising agency. So, we work with top social influencers in promotional campaigns. That means that when you sign up with us, we pay you for promoting brands on your social networking accounts. 

With our next round of campaigns, we’ll be targeting students. That means we need popular student influencers on board, to help us reach huge crowds of uni students.

Our student influencers will be using their social media pages to create a buzz around brands and events that their course mates and society friends might want to hear about. 

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So if you’re a big name on campus with a decent sized social following, keep reading. We have the perfect work opportunity lined up.


What Social Wage do

We’ve already worked with students on some pretty successful campaigns.

Student graduates - Georgia Foulkes-Hartley

In 2016/2017, we teamed up with Grad DNA. The startup mobile app helps students and grads to find graduate level jobs. Users take psychometric tests, and the app matches them directly with suitable jobs. The app is also used by employers, who may offer users a position based on their performance on the app.

As a startup brand, Grad DNA we’re looking to increase awareness and virality surrounding the app. They came to Social Wage, challenging us to achieve over 2-3k app downloads through influencer advertising…

We took the campaign on across six social platforms – covering Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and blogs. With 23 celebrity influencers and over 500 UK students and influencer pages on board, we generated masses of student interest through over 700 posts about the app. You can see more about this influencer marketing campaign here.

Student graduates - Taufiq

All of this led to us smashing our target, achieving over 25,000 app downloads in days. We were even asked to slow our promoting down because the app servers couldn’t handle the increased traffic!

But that was just the beginning of our work with student influencers.

In October 2016, we teamed up with Pom Pom nightclub in Nottingham, with the aim of making its opening night a sellout.

We got 47 Nottingham student influencers to create a buzz around the launch. This led to over 8,000 social media engagements, and over 1,500 new Facebook page likes for the club!

As expected, the club night was a complete sell-out! You can see more about this successful influencer marketing campaign here.


crowd_and_laser student graduates


What’s next for you… student graduates?

Our student influencers have helped us to be a part of some pretty incredible promotional campaigns. We’re hoping our future campaigns will be just as successful – and that’s where you come in.

By joining Social Wage as a student influencer, you’ll be part of the buzz surrounding cool new brands and upcoming events. Nothing will cement your BNOC status quite like becoming a student social media influencer…

Plus, social media influencing is the ideal work opportunity for a busy student.

The additional revenue will keep your student bank account looking healthy, and keep you out of your overdraft.

But unlike with other student jobs, your work won’t interfere with the student lifestyle.

Student graduates

Admit it: no matter how close uni deadlines get, you always make time for social media. Besides, it only takes a second to post a tweet or an Insta shot. 

Plus, your social life won’t be affected. This is one of the few student jobs that will boost your reputation on campus.

You heard it hear first. We will PAY you to be popular and keep up your social media game.

Basically, you’ve got nothing to lose. BNOCs, student graduates, get signed up with Social Wage today…

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