How social influencers are becoming TV celebrities

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We’re used to catching up with our favourite social influencers on our smart phones and tablets – but now, that’s all changing. More and more influencers are making the transition into television, and becoming TV celebrities in their own right!


How it all began

The trend started with popular YouTube personalities bagging their own TV shows. It all began with Grace Helbig, who turned to television to showcase her comedy stylings. This year, both Issa Rae and Colleen Ballinger have followed in Helbig’s footsteps. For both influencers, the new platform meant more exposure, and an opportunity to reach a bigger audience.

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The Disney effect

Then, the Disney Channel jumped on the bandwagon. The Disney casting execs recognised the pulling power of social media celebrities, noting that kids, too, want to see their favourite influencers on the small screen. They responded by launching ‘Bizaardvark’.

The programme tells the story of two teenage social influencers. Vine creator, Jake Paul, stars as a main character.


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Paul gained millions on followers on Vine, but he isn’t letting the app’s closure hurt his career. He’s settled right into his new role as a TV star, and thinks of the opportunity as a ‘blessing’. A number of other social influencers – from Lilly Singh to Thomas Sanders – have shared in Paul’s new venture, by guest starring on the show.

Jake Paul calls his transition into TV a ‘surreal experience’, but the big move has certainly paid off. According to Leah Buono at the Disney Channel, the move into acting can be a smart career change for influencers. Buono says the transition allows influencers to broaden their horizons. She notes, ‘I think a lot of them are looking to expand their world and expand their opportunities.’

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TV celebrities – The future of influencer marketing?

The shift certainly represents a new era in social influencing. Social media influencers are exploring new career paths, and as a result, followers are transitioning into viewers. It’s an interesting trend – and just another example of the power of influencer marketing.

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