Snapchat to outshine Twitter by 2016!

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Created in 2011, Snapchat quickly became popular with the younger generations of social media users. Now, as a household name, it is being recognized as a major player in the social media space. Twitter, on the other hand, has been around since 2006. Both Snapchat and Twitter have been listed as potential threats to Facebook, but they are actually competing against one another.

The two platforms share similarities: Both services connect massive audiences to share a live experience, whether it’s a Sunday at the park with your dog or a weekend at Coachella. Though public sharing is still an important part of social media, it seems users now prioritize having a way to utilize person to person messaging. 


Snapchat is poised to beat Twitter (and Pinterest) for the first time, with the messaging app projected to reach almost one in five Americans this year. The gap between active Snapchat users and active Twitter users will further widen by 2020, when Snapchat will add 26.9 million users to reach a total of 85.5 million Americans. Snapchat will experience the highest growth in users under 12 years of age. Younger users seem to have less loyalty to the older social networks (like Facebook). 

What does this mean for influencers? If your target audience is younger, you absolutely must be active on Snapchat. While we’re not suggesting you abandon the 140-character fun of Twitter, it is important to keep up with social media trends to best relate to your audience. 

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