SHUT UP the keyboard warriors and trolls!

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As an experienced digital influencer I am sure you have come across jealous people that like to spread negativity across your feed. And if you’re a successful influencer you must have come across people that love what you do. This article outlines simple but helpful advise to minimise the attacks from the keyboard warriors of this generation.


In folklore they are an ugly cave-dwelling creature depicted as either a giant or a dwarf, however today they are abusive people that make deliberately intend to offend someone online.


 If you’re a social media influencer, chances are that as well as producing and posting your content, somewhere along the line you will have interacted directly with your followers too. In today’s online world, you’re more than likely to encounter some social media trolls and fake accounts lurking amongst your genuine fans. While it is highly important to give your real fans the attention and appreciation they deserve, this post will explain a few simple strategies for dealing with the inevitable trolls.

Call Them Out

Some trolls out there may persistently post horrible messages and repeatedly try to provoke a reaction from you. In this case, one option may be to openly call them out. It is important to recognise that trolls are the ones with the problem; they are malicious, cowardly, deeply insecure people, with nothing better to do than anonymously insult people. Publicise this truth to your followers and make it clear that you are not hurt by the trolls comments, but rather that you feel sorry that they feel the need to behave in such a way. By doing this, you remove a troll’s power to hurt you.

Just Ignore Them!

Quiet pleaseTrolls post hurtful comments with the aim of gaining a response. If you or your page are being targeted by a troll, alternatively sometimes the best way to silence them can be responding with silence yourself. That way, they do not get the angry response they are craving and the satisfaction that they have hurt you. This may be enough to make some trolls give up and move on.

Report Abuse and BlockReport abuse

This is a button we are quite a fan of – The blocking tool. Simply remove these people from your life from blocking them. You’re not alone – most celebrities and minor influencers use this on a regular basis so don’t be afraid to join the club.

It is important never to give trolls the satisfaction of hurting you by showing their comments annoy you or engaging in unwinnable arguments with them. Remember they are the problem, not you! Follow these simple guidelines to keep your social media account troll-free!

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