How popular influencers are becoming the TOP celebrity endorsers

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The new celebs are popular influencers

As you may already know, popular influencers on social media are becoming the top form of celebrity endorsers! Not everyone is or has to be Kylie Jenner to earn the extravagant amounts popular influencers are being paid. Nonetheless, certain popular influencers are taking over the role of celebrity.

But what is a celebrity endorsement?

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In recent years, it’s become commonplace for celebrities to endorse a particular brand. From Michael Jordan for Nike to Kate Moss for Dior, modern day consumers are very familiar with the concept of celebrity endorsement – they even expect it. 

But now, the game is changing.

Celeb endorsers in 2016

If we look back at last year’s celebrity endorsement deals, it’s clear a trend is forming. The top celebrity endorsers of 2016 were not only Hollywood stars. They were active social influencers, too.

That’s because brands are increasingly choosing celebrities with a sizeable social media following to endorse their products.

This trend is indicative of the power of social media today.

 The social media effect

Society is becoming increasingly reliant on social media. We are now using networking platforms for almost everything – from accessing news bulletins to recruiting new employees.

So, social networks are overtaking traditional forms of media in various ways. This shift from traditional celebrity endorsers to celebrity influencers is just another reflection of that reality.

But what makes influencers so good at what they do?

Well, it all comes down to numbers. Top influencers rake in huge numbers of followers on various social platforms. Any content they post can reach millions of people within seconds. It’s not difficult to imagine how that might interest a brand…

Ultimately, if Cara Delevingne is mentioning Rimmel London on her Instagram account, lots of people will instantly take notice. And that promotion translates into sales.

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The rankings

So, we know now that the most successful celebrity endorsers of 2016 were the active social influencers. But which social media celebs ranked in the best endorsement deals last year? Here’s the countdown of 2016’s top celebrity endorsers…

3. Kendall Jenner

Model and TV personality Kendall Jenner takes third place in the rankings.

Like the rest of the Kardashian clan, Kendall is definitely social media savvy. Last year, Kendall was endorsing everything from Estée Lauder fragrances to Magnum ice creams on social media.


#ad My favorite #ReleaseTheBeast moment with @Magnum 😘 @mertalas #MagnumCannes #MagnumDouble #spon

A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on May 12, 2016 at 2:46am PDT


With over 74 million Instagram followers, Kendall’s an obvious example of a celebrity social influencer bringing in top endorsement deals.

2. Vogue Williams

The second most successful celeb endorser of 2016 might come as a more of a surprise…

Vogue Williams is an Irish model and television personality. Her celebrity status doesn’t quite match that of Kendall – but Vogue certainly makes up for that, with her streams of successful endorsement deals.

On Instagram, Vogue has impressive 141k followers, and was promoting hair care brands and Vitality Foods last year.


Those are some pretty impressive campaigns for a girl from Dublin!

1. Hailey Baldwin

But who ranks as the most successful celebrity endorsers of 2016? It’s no other than social media starlet Hailey Baldwin…

Hailey is a model and a descendant of the Baldwin acting dynasty, but we’re most impressed by her endorsement campaigns on social media.

With over 9 million Instagram followers, Hailey is certified top social media influencer. In 2016, she was endorsing a number of big brands – including Prabal Gurung activewear and Tommy Hilfiger denim.


#TommyJeans capsule collection – Tommy Takes You Back 💥

A post shared by Hailey Baldwin (@haileybaldwin) on Apr 8, 2016 at 6:31pm PDT


The successful social media campaigns of these stars should not be taken lightly. They’re showing just where celebrity endorsements are heading over the next few years – straight on to social media platforms! 


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