Micro Influencers – You may be more valuable than you think!

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Influencers or Micro Influencers?

When it comes to social media, it’s all about the number of followers, right? Well, actually, that’s not 100% true… Micro influencers, this one’s for you!


Meet the micro influencer

A micro influencer is a fairly typical social media user. Someone who’s into their social accounts, and posts regular updates.

Thousands of people enjoy the content, and they have a decent sized following – but their follower count isn’t reaching the hundreds of thousands quite yet…

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To be honest, a micro influencer is far from a social media celebrity.

They are, however, well-liked and well-respected by followers – and they definitely still play a pretty important role on our favourite social media sites. Micro influencers often know a higher proportion of their followers on a personal level, in fact.

Sound like you? Then listen up…


Your social network needs you!

Until recently, micro influencers were pretty much overlooked.

The top content creators – with 100,000+ followers – have been claiming the sponsored posts glory. In the meantime, smaller influencers just carried on doing their own thing…

But the big shots in business have been seriously underestimating them.

In fact, micro influencers are the dark horses of social media advertising. They may not be as visible as more prominent influencers, but they can be more cost-effective for brands in the long term.


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The stats on micro influencers

Markerly’s research shows that there really is such a thing as being ‘too popular’. 

The influencer marketing platform suggests that when an influencer reaches a certain follower count, their followers start to become less engaged with the content.

According to Markerly, things can start to go downhill when a social media page has over 1,000 followers. Apparently, a micro influencer on Instagram has a like rate of 8%. For influencers with between 1,000 and 10,000 followers, this rate drops to 4%.

Things get even worse for the big-shot influencers. The engagement rate for content creators with 1 million to 10 million followers is pitiful, at just 1.7%. 


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These engagement rate statistics reveal the true value of micro influencers. It’s obvious that your followers engage with your content. That means it’s a smart choice for brands to pick you to advise their product on social media.

It might seem unlikely, but brands can actually reach more potential customers by recruiting you – instead of a top social influencer.


But why is that?

Social influencer. Influencing’s in the name… But the truth is, as a micro influencer, you can honestly be more influential than a celebrity content creator. 

Wondering why? Well, it’s simple.

Basically, due to our experience, we’ve found that social media users respond better to people they know.

 As a smaller content creator, a greater proportion of your followers is likely to be real life friends. 

You’ll probably have a fairly close-knit relationship with the rest of your followers too. 

Micro influencers are far more likely to reply to comments because their follower count is a manageable amount. That means your followers will see you as a mate, whilst the top influencers are merely aloof online celebrities.

micro influencers facebook like

This dynamic helps with your engagement stats. Friends know you personally, so of course, they’ll reward your content with a cheeky like now and again.


Authentic #ads

When it comes to sponsored posts, yours tend to go down a lot better with followers – and it’s all thanks to your authenticity. 

First of all, users trust their friends. If a follower feels they know you, they’re more likely to trust your opinion when you rave about a brand. 

Plus, micro influencers are generally experts in a certain field – be that fitness, makeup or music. Whilst a bigger influencer might try to act like a Jack of All Trades, micro influencers tend to stick to what they know. You’re therefore seen as more reliable, and any sponsored posts will come with an air of credibility. And of course, brands will love you for that.

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Don’t underestimate yourself

You might not have thought it, but to brands, micro influencers are the dream collaborators. 

Your social media page may be small in size, but in social media marketing, you couldn’t be more valuable.

Interested in finding that out for yourself? Then get in touch with Social Wage and learn how you too can earn online.

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