How to become a social media star without digital experience

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You probably fancy yourself as a potential social media star? We see all kinds of cool influencers on our News Feeds. But right now, fashion bloggers have got to be some of the coolest creators on social media.

Bloggers like Samantha Maria and Victoria, of In The Frow, live the dream lifestyle. With their designer handbags, high-end makeup and endless outfit choices, they seem to have it all.

Their success is built upon years of sheer hard work – plus savvy use of various social media outlets. Many of the top fashion bloggers regularly update Instagram accounts, YouTube channels, Twitter feeds and Snapchat Stories, alongside their flagship website.

Sounds pretty complex, right? Maybe – but one fashionista makes it look easy…


Meet Lorna Andrews, social media star



Lorna  – aka Lorna Luxe – became a social media star with ZERO experience in digital technology.

Her rise to success is a real inspiration – and proof that anyone can enjoy the unique lifestyle of a  social media influencer. 

Lorna began her working life as cabin crew and lived the true jet-setter lifestyle. She then opted for a career change and took a position with the online interiors company, Rockett St George.

The move marked Lorna’s first step into the digital world – and she hasn’t looked back.

In her new role, Lorna honed everything from business skills to her creativity. With her eyes opened to new possibilities, Lorna discovered a newfound love for Instagram.

She began posting regular outfit shots, and her follower count soared.

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The rise of the social media starlet

Lorna quickly realised she could make money from her hobby, by collaborating with brands on her content.

The fashionista then established herself as a fashion blogger. Whilst Lorna admitted to having little knowledge or experience about digital technology, she was a quick learner.

Lorna has since worked with various brands as a social influencer – including Karen Millen and Pandora. With her regular blog work and 380k Instagram followers, she is now one of the most successful fashionistas on the UK blogging scene.



You can do it too!

Earning a living from social media posts? Receiving luxurious freebies on a daily basis? Becoming an online celebrity?

You have to admit it: social media influencers – and fashion bloggers in particular – enjoy an enviable lifestyle.

But Lorna provides an example of living proof that anyone can become a content creator. Social media posts are SUPPOSED to be relatable – that’s why they stand out from traditional media.

You don’t need a long history of working with digital technology to make a name for yourself online. Take a leaf from Lorna’s book: be a fast learner – and most importantly, produce enjoyable, original content.

Women surfing imac (Social media star)

Inspired by Lorna’s story? If you’ve got a decent-sized social following, you too could make money from your hobby. 

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