Ad bots are coming to Facebook Messenger!

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The launch of the Messenger app has been highly successful for Facebook, with Messenger now acting as the go-to instant messaging service for many of its one billion monthly users. But the original social network has recently announced that changes are afoot. That’s right: ad bots are coming to Facebook Messenger!

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So, what does this mean for users?

Thankfully, Facebook assures us these changes won’t be quite annoying as they sound.

In fact, Facebook already allows ad bots on Messenger, to help its users make purchases. In the future, however, the ad bots will also be able to send us ads and promotions via Messenger threads.

Nobody likes change – but Facebook insists the user will retain full control of any ad bot interactions, so the service won’t simply turn into one huge ad bot spam-fest.

Driving whilst on phone (ad bots)

Facebook’s Product Manager, Seth Rosenberg, insists that the conversations will always be initiated by the user. It will never be the business itself. We can also choose to mute the thread, or block the company, if we decide we’re not interested, or find ourselves getting one too many notifications from the bot.

The result of ad bots?

Facebook have definitely made a smart move as the new service offers the social network another avenue for monetising its one billion users.

And if all goes to plan, the new policy won’t have any negative impact on user experience. It seems that Facebook are keen to review the new service and the way companies use it. This should stop Messenger spiralling into a board of spam messages.

So don’t panic – yes, changes are planned for Facebook Messenger, but your favourite instant messaging service seems safe for now.

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