Ad-blocking software has helped fitness trainers earn more!

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Gone are the days of traditional advertising – when billboards and television commercials were the sure-fire way to send thousands rushing to the shops to bag the newest products. Well, maybe not gone. But influencers have taken over in terms of dominance. When it comes to consumers making purchases, many of us are influenced by digital media very much so, more than any ad we read or watch on TV. As a result, advertisers relied on web page banners more and more since the millennium – but now we’re seeing another shift in advertising. Ad-blocking software is no longer reserved for the super-techie types – more and more of us are now choosing to block banners from appearing on the websites we use.

Apple’s latest updates even allow us to avoid ads on our iPhones! That means banners no longer reach the huge consumer audiences brands seek, and advertisers are being forced to reconsider their strategies. This is where you come in, as a fitness trainer with a strong social media presence. Read on to find out how you can cash in on this new advertising trend and boost your earning potential!


The importance of being social media influencers

Considering how many of us use ad-blocking software, it’s clear we don’t like gaudy banners to interrupt our web time. That might have something to do with our society’s Internet obsession. An obsession that’s highlighted by our love affair with social media. The average Internet user currently spends nearly two hours a day browsing social networks and managing various pages and accounts.

Those statistics mean that popular accounts have a lot of influence over the average consumer. So it’s no surprise that brands are looking to you, the social media influencers, to solve the issue that ad-blockers are causing. Whereas traditional forms of advertising are becoming less and less effective, social media influencers continue to grab an audience’s attention, making their accounts the perfect medium for advertisers to attract consumers through.


So how does it work?

As a fitness trainer, you might already use your social media page to recommend a great sportswear brand or healthy, protein-filled recipes. So when a brand wants to use your account to advertise their products, they’ll simply tell you what to recommend. And of course, you’ll be paid for the endorsement.

And there’s no need to worry whether paid advertisements will upset your followers – when you sign up to Social Wage, we’ll ensure every post fits your page’s style. That way, your followers will continue to get quality posts from you, whilst you benefit from the additional revenue. It’s a no-brainer!


Cash in on the trend!

It’s no secret that it can be hard to build a living for yourself as a fitness trainer. Your livelihood depends on you maintaining a strong client base, that both trusts your reputation and values your service.

When you’re a self-employed fitness instructor, without the backing of a local gym or personal training service, it can be harder to build those vital connections, so you might feel as if you’ve stumbled into a career that’s not so financially secure. That’s exactly why fitness trainers around the globe are exploiting the opportunities arising from ad-blocking software!



Jeanette Jenkins is a Hollywood-based fitness trainer to the stars, who shares diet and fitness tips on her Instagram account. Last year, she promoted the egg-white product Eggogly to her followers – recommending balanced, protein-heavy recipes, whilst undoubtedly profiting from the business deal!

But that’s just one example – fitness trainers are now addressing every aspect of the healthy lifestyle through their endorsements.


Another social media influencer cashing in!

Cassey Ho is a Pilates instructor turned social media entrepreneur, whose YouTube channel Blogilates has over three million subscribers. Her Instagram accounts shows her promoting the Tide laundry detergent and Downy fabric softener, to advise her followers how to care for their pricey sports gear.



#getsitout #ad When I was younger, I used to buy cheap clothes because it looked trendy and was a good deal. But that’s how I ended up with overstuffed closets full of clothes that were falling apart. If there’s one piece of fashion I could give to you…its to INVEST in your pieces. The $12 yoga pant you see at the dept. store does not compare to high quality PERFORMANCE activewear. It’s not just in the design guys…its how long the clothing will hold up to your intense workouts. High quality activewear will keep its color over time. It will have 100% stretch and recovery (aka no saggy butt). I designed #POPFLEX to keep up with you. Our technical fabrics are top notch and come from the same fabric mill as some of your fave elite yoga brands. I use @TideLaundry + @Downy Odor Defense Collection to wash my babies…

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Brands are looking to YOU to solve their advertising problems. And when you can continue to support your followers online whilst earning more, the answer seems obvious. Collaborations are the future – for both advertisers and trainers!

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