5 ways to find commercially free content you can use & share

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So you are aiming to post content on your social media page or website but want to be certain that you are using images and videos that are commercially free to use or share? Read on for 5 tips to find the content that you can share, from the quick and easy to the more creative. You can read about 5 guaranteed ways to increase your followers and social media interactions here.


  1. Like you probably found this, simply Google it.

You have a pool of data on Google. So of course, it is a good place to start. But not all of the pictures on Google are free to use. To make it easy, firstly search what you are looking for on Google Images, click the settings icon and then click Google Advanced Search. After this scroll down and select the option ‘free to use or share, even for commercially’. It will be the filter next to the title ‘usage rights’.  If you want to modify these images then click ‘free to use, share or modify, even commercially.’ It’s that simple. However, this does not mean every single image under this filter are free to use so double check on the website which the image Google has retrieved it from.

matt-icons_system-search  - commercially free content


  1. Know your websites

A simple hack: nearly every image on Wikipedia is free to use. Additionally, a whole host of other sites out there offer a range of high-quality images you are able to use and share. Also, our personal favourite is Pexels.com, which offers a wide selection of images – we recommend download the smallest file sizes as it will keep your website running at a good speed. Photographer Daniel Anescu provides beautiful high-resolution images on SplitShire that are commercially free to use. Unsplash also offers free high-resolution images, often quite alternative: great if you want to create a quirky style. Stock.xchng provide more representative images, usefully categorised from health and beauty to movie and music. There are many more sites, so have a look around and explore what’s out there.


  1. Embed social media tweets or posts

Most social media websites give you the ability to share content using their embedding tool. This enables you to attribute the images/videos as well as link them back to where you got the image from. On the other hand, embedding can be really bad for the speed of your website.


  1. Free Openclipart

Openclipart is one of the biggest web resource place for commercially free, small cartoon images, vectors, icons, and calligraphy letters. These items can really add to the user experience and retain audience interest.

Interesting to note that all of the Openclipart works come in vector or bitmap formats. And the vector format (SVG) can be scaled to any size, used in professional printing processes, etc.

openclipart-big-scissors-childen - commercially free content


  1. Let’s take it old school

In a world where the internet and technology is at our finger-tips, it is easy to forget our roots. Oh yes, you guessed it – whip that pencil out of its hiding place. Whether you’re the next Picasso or what is better classed as an ‘abstract’ sketcher, don’t be afraid to have a go (maybe try a bit of shading, some paint if you’re feeling daring). Simply take a picture of your masterpiece and upload it. It is original and most certainly shareable. If amateur artistry isn’t for you, then I’m sure you may know someone, or the A level art student next door who will let you use some of their material. Their work gets to be admired by the world and you have free material. It’s a win, win.

Gym trainer drawing - commercially free content


Find your own style

There are many ways to find free content for your social media page, the main thing is to develop a style. From cheeky homemade-sketches, to high-quality landscape images, there is a host of free content opportunities that will make your social page stand out.

And remember, creativity is free. So get those brain cogs turning and find the content that works for you. Don’t forget to brand your pictures with your logo or a link to your site and your readers will keep coming back again and again.

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