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As an influencer (owner of a popular social media account) myself I know it can be frustrating attempting to reach higher levels of success on social media. It’s not a life goal of mine but it’s always good to progress in what you do, right? There are many ways in which we can improve our social media followings and interactivity but here are a few of the key strategies I have stuck by whilst attempting to build and retain an inspired following.


What you should be doing on social media:


1. Move with what’s popular. Join the hype!

Why produce content based on what others are talking about? Because that’s what they care about!

As social influencers we can be somewhat inconsiderate to what’s hot in our industry or what our target audience is interested in at the time. Trends are continuously changing but sometimes we can be too focused on what we’re doing and not what our audience is wanting. They live in the present and interest changes every week, therefore we need to keep the pace! Stop posting content that you’re interested in if your target audience is not interested.

To rectify this issue simply spend at least 20 minutes every day doing some valuable research. Watch the news, discover what’s trending on Twitter, see what people are commenting on Facebook, watch the news, listen to the radio or even find out what your target audience are talking about in the real world. This should inspire the content you produce on your social media page(s). Doing this will certainly improve your interactions, your followings and thus increase your follower count. It’s never been easier to discover what’s hot. Simply find out what is trending.


2. Find, follow and establish relationships with people in your industry.

Do you collaborate with others? Are you well connected? Having had much experience in social media marketing I know it’s very helpful to form relationships with others that have similar audiences to your own following or the following you are attempting to attract. Get on a first name basis with these people, have a chat on the phone, discover more about them, ask them what they’re having for dinner (maybe don’t do that). Basically say whatever you think’s suitable to form a real relationship with these people.

To make the most out of these relationships agree to share yours and their content with each-others followers. This is something that regularly takes place, especially on Twitter, so it shouldn’t be tough to arrange if you both have similar amounts of followers. However if they have considerably more followers than you, you should offer sharing their posts two or three times in exchange for one of yours being shared.

There is no reason not to do this as these people are easy to find and contact via social media. They often have an email address that is displayed in their bios, thus are open to making new connections so drop them a message.


3. Social Media speaks a different language.

Most people react more to visuals, which helps explain why Instagram is so powerful in terms of its power to convince people to tap the like button. In 2014 Nate Elliot discovered that Instagram produced 58 times more engagements per follower than on Facebook, as well as 120 times more engagements per follower than on Twitter. The moral of the story is to use imagery.

You most likely do this but it’s not enough to just write content on social media. You must move with the times – this means posting varied forms of content. Include images, articles, quotes, interviews, memes, vines, videos, infographics, bar charts etc. Your following will appreciate your page more because a varied approach is the best approach.


4. Simply interact with your followers.

Think. Are you attempting to answer your followers questions? It may sound pretty simple but many of us tend to forget the most important factor in building and retaining inspired audiences; which is to interact with your audience. They will really appreciate it and it is more than likely that they won’t unfollow because of this. It will also encourage others to interact with you and a busy comments feed adds value to your account.

When you interact with your audience I have also noticed that particular individuals end up promoting you without you organically without you having to ask them to. A kind but cheeky comment or two can be very beneficial and can increase your followers. Again, it’s a simple one but often neglected. Investing your time into this will produce results! If you want yourself or your company to stand out from the crowd of your competitors then get socialising!


5. Offer incentives for new followers or fans.

Competitions and giveaways have always been great ways of incentivizing people to follow your account and share your content. I remember making a competition on my account that went viral and increased my following by over 2500.

Also bearing in mind what I said earlier in this post, it’s a great idea to convince people with similar popular social media accounts to share your competition posts with their followers. This will again help build the audience you crave.

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