5 annoying things every social media influencer endures

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            In 2016, there are many perks to becoming a top social media influencer. It’s a fresh and exciting way to make an impact and earn a living from the comfort of your own home, with plenty of opportunities for success – but that’s not to say there are not a few obstacles that come with growing your online brand. Here are the top five pesky problems every aspiring social media influencer has to face…


  1. Staying focused

            When experiencing the fast-paced world of social media, it can be tempting to jump straight in and try to tackle a range of topics. It might seem like variety is the spice of social media life, but mastering a particular area of expertise will gain you more respect amongst online communities. It can feel restrictive, having to shape your page’s content to a particular theme, but remember: a focused page typically allows you to create a stronger bond with the audience you do attain. For example an influencer may decide to combine fashion with gaming. Although this may seem to help reach a wider audience; this may actually be counter-productive in the long-run as a portion of your audience may be interested in fashion rather than gaming and vice-versa. This could lead to an ever-lasting cycle of followers that follow you and eventually unfollow due to their lack of interest in some of your posts. Keep it focused!

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  1. Standing out against the crowd

            Even once you have discovered your niche, it can be difficult to find your audience amongst the sea of social media.  As of 2016, there are over 75 million daily Instagrammers and 310 million active Twitter users – that’s a lot of people, and it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. It can be frustrating to feel as if your voice isn’t being heard, but persevere: your individuality is the key to success. Talk to your audience like they’re a friend – let them get to know you.’


  1. Living in the moment

            As a social media guru, there’s no point living in the past. You need to be on the ball – with every changing trend in order to appeal to your audience. It might feel overwhelming at times, and it can be tedious, having to constantly chase The Next Big Thing – but remember why you caught the social media bug. Embrace the excitement of living in the moment online. People love trends so it can be good to follow them, however also make your own trends occasionally!


  1. The wrath of haters

            They are an inevitable consequence of putting yourself online, but that does not make your brigade of ‘haters’ any less irritating. Always listen to constructive criticism: showing a willingness to recognize and work on your flaws will allow you to improve. But when it comes to genuine hate, learn to ignore the negativity and not let their words affect you. The best form of revenge is showing your haters just how wrong they are – or you can simply block them! On the other hand haters can sometimes be sign of success – it is better to have people talk negatively about you than not at all.

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  1. Maintaining your authenticity

            You have found your place in the online community, learnt to brush off negativity, and exciting opportunities are now coming your way… but even success has its drawbacks. Many social media influencers find themselves conflicted when they begin to collaborate online, as companies may encourage you to post content that does not match your page’s style. That’s where Social Wage come in. We always ensure that any advertisements you get paid for on your page look as organic as possible and relate to your page. At Social Wage, we aim to help you to grow your income and online brand, whilst ensuring you never jeopardise your individuality and your followers’ faith in your authenticity.


Are you up for the challenge of tackling these obstacles? If you’re a social media influencer who’s interested in earning off your social media account (including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) or blog whilst retaining your individual style, then visit SocialWage.com today.


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