How 100 lucky influencers bagged themselves a FREE Ford Fiesta

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Online influencers are blessed!

You can’t deny it: there are some pretty decent perks to being online influencers.

Top lifestyle YouTubers – like Zoella and FleurDeForce – are sent free makeup and skincare worth hundreds on a monthly basis. They also get paid thousands to endorse these products in front of their millions of subscribers.

Meanwhile, Instagram sensation Danielle of WeWoreWhat literally makes a living from the comfort of her couch, by posting sponsored pictures to her page.



It’s a pretty decent lifestyle – and 100 lucky influencers found that out the easy way, when Ford offered them a BRAND NEW Fiesta to trial for six months – FOR FREE!


But how did did they do it? 

It all began back in 2009, when Ford were looking to launch the Fiesta in American market. The automotive company were aiming to attract new, young buyers to the brand, so naturally, they turned to social media.

Ford loaned the car to a number of young social media stars for six months. In return, the influencers were required to produce a certain amount of content on social media, promoting the Fiesta to other young Americans.

It sounds like a good deal to us – and Ford were certainly happy with the results of the trial, as sales rocketed.


Online influencers in car


The new-look advertisement

The campaign showed how international brands can use social media to bring advertising into the 21st century – reaching a younger demographic in the process.

The campaign was tested again in 2013, with the 100 influencers bagging the 2014 hatchback model this time. The so-called ‘Ford Agents’ received the car, and six months of paid-for gas, insurance and parking – plus,  the opportunity to become social media celebrities in an international brand’s advertisements. 

Pretty exciting stuff – but it’s all in a day’s work for the average social influencer…

Online influencers with press

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